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Made Golf Co

Goat 2.0 Golf Towel

Goat 2.0 Golf Towel

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Goat 2.0 Golf Towel by Made Golf Co. is the perfect partner for the Goat 2.0 Head Covers or the fastest way to give your golf bag some personal style. 


Made Golf Co. Golf Towels are made from the microfibre fabric that makes them super absorbent and fast drying. Incorporating a mid towel loop to hang over whatever suits your bag and styles. Whether you hang your towel on the side of your bag, or loop it over your alignment sticks and hang it beside, the option is yours. 

After a wet day on the course, or a muddy ball retrieval, simply throw the towel in a normal machine wash and it'll come out looking brand new again.

Key Features:

  • Made from microfibre

  • Mid towel hanging loop
  • Super fast drying
  • Machine washable

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